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Stephen Curry, born on March 14, 1988, is an American professional basketball player celebrated for revolutionizing the game with his exceptional shooting and ball-handling skills. Affectionately known as the "Splash Brother," Curry has left an indelible mark on the NBA.

The Golden State Warriors drafted Curry as the 7th overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft. His unparalleled shooting ability, especially from beyond the arc, has redefined the concept of long-range shooting in basketball. Curry's influence has paved the way for a new era of perimeter-oriented play.

Curry's accolades include multiple NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards and NBA championships with the Warriors. His combination of skill, charisma, and leadership has made him one of the league's most beloved figures.

Off the court, Stephen Curry is involved in various philanthropic endeavors, emphasizing community engagement and social impact. As he continues to dazzle fans with his on-court wizardry, Curry's legacy as a game-changer remains unparalleled.